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Eye Makeup

There are countless ways of doing eye makeup, that is why it’s usually the most creative and often complex part of the process that may take the longest to complete.

‘Natural’ eyes may take just as much effort and product to execute as the dark ‘smokey-eye’ makeup. It’s an important detail to consider when calculating how much time you should allocate for your makeup appointment.

When deciding on the perfect eye makeup for your special occasion – consider your entire outfit – the style, colors and accessories you will be wearing. As a rule of thumb, in classic makeup – your eyes or your lips will be the key feature of your face, thus only one of them should stand out stronger. For instance, a dark smokey eye and a bold lip would likely be a bit too much, unless you’re going clubbing or to a wild nightlife party. So choose your best feature to highlight and keep everything else more muted, soft, understated.

It may be helpful if you can show your makeup artist some sample images of the look you desire to achieve, (which you can find among your older photos or on the Internet). It will certainly prove more efficient to give a clear visual to your MUA, and will speed up the application process, especially if you are pressed for time during your appointment.

Some eye makeup elements to consider:
Do you want your eye shadows to be matte (non reflective), satin (light reflective) or a combination of both?
Do you prefer cream or powder eye shadows, and does it have to be long-wearing?
Are you planning to wear false eye lashes? If so, how natural or dramatic do you want them to be?
Do you like sparkles on the lids to brighten up the eyes and make them look more festive?
How thick do you like your eye liner and how long/high of a wing tip? What color pencil do you want to use?
Is the overall look of your desired eye makeup ‘ soft and natural’, ‘mid range’ or ‘dark and dramatic’?