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Lip Makeup

There are a few ways to dress up your lips, but first we have a few decisions to make:

If lips are your key feature, which means your eyes ‘take a back seat’ remaining soft and understated, then let’s go with something bold and confident to accentuate your lips and compliment your face.

Red is always one of the most festive colors, perfect practically for any celebration.
Dark colors, such as burgundy, violet or deep brown work well, but we have to make sure that the shade complements the colors of your entire outfit.

If eyes are your best feature – then we will choose softer shades for your lips, something close to your natural lip color. ‘Nude’ lips will never go out of style and are a perfect choice when your eye makeup is strong (or if you’re unsure what color to choose when doing your own makeup).

To achieve a nude look a skin tone lip liner may be used to trace the outline or to fill in the entire lip area. Then a similar shade lipstick and/or lip gloss is applied on the lips to complete the look.

Some lip makeup elements to consider:
Is your key feature your eyes or your lips?
Do you prefer a glossy/shiny or matted look?
Do you like sparkles on your lips?
Do you wish to follow the shape of your natural lips or to modify it, i.e. make them thinner or fuller, more round or straight-lined.
Do you prefer your lips perfectly lined with a lip pencil or do away without it?
Would you want your lips to be one color or to have an ombre effect?
Do you require long-wearing or water resistant lip makeup?